Color Control Lab


We constantly make new colors and designs upon the different requirements of our clients and the latest designs that are being launched from most popular wood based panel brands and decor paper brands. Thus we are able to answer even the most complex needs of our clients assuring the all-time pursuance of ultimate customer satisfaction.

The design process of the best matching edgeband to the decor starts with the formulation process of the base color of raw PVC sheet. Then goes on with the selection of best matching wood-grain design that will be printed on the base color sheet.

The printing process starts with the selection of the most proper printing plate and after the base color formulation. The most careful and selective study is made to match the appearance of the decor. The base colors are consistently inspected by cutting-edge spectrophotometers in order to get the standard color and quality. The printed edgebands are always controlled under different sources of light like sunlight, halogen, flurescense and LED light by our color specialists to secure the best match and best harmony with the decor.