PVC Edgeband Production


The PVC resin and the additives being provided from the best suppliers to our raw material warehouse and then transferred to the fully automated raw material mixing section without any compromise in the standard formulation and without any manual interference. Then the mixed batch transferred to coloring section, which then passes to the sheet extrusion calendering section. The fully automated raw material preparation system is consisting of state-of-the-art sections by which we warranty the quality of every single running meter of edgebands has the same and unique quality.

Having the cutting edge technology equipment needs the highest skill of employees to operate it in order to produce the highest quality products, so we are always working hard to produce highest quality with our highly skilled and specialized employees. In this manner, we make very frequent inspections during the production in order to keep the product quality, dimensions and colors.

Right after the extrusion section, the coils go through the printing section, where we give the ultimate care in order to achieve the perfect match between our design and the wood based panel design. This is the most important section that our total quality mentality spreads throughout the state-of-the-art production equipment and highly skilled craftmanship in order to have standard and unquestionnabe design quality.

Right after the printing section, we take the printed rolls and apply the primer, which is the adhesion promoter and binder between the hotmelt edgebanding glue and wood based panel cross section, just the underneath of the edgeband. Primer application is a very sensitive and important process that we use the industry's best primer as generous as possible in order to secure the customer satisfaction during the edgebanding process.

In the last section of the process, we take the finished coils an slit them upon the market's requirements or specifically to customers' needs, then packed in double layer extra strength cardboard boxes. We have the most advanced slitting equipment acquired from well-known European companies, which affords the straight-as-a-line cuts without any bows.