Quality Control Lab


DECOBAND products are being inspected at every step of production to eliminate the smallest possible error. We can gather the Total Quality principles of our company in three main section: to keep all the raw materials and inputs as same and standard, to meet the maximum qualifications in order to fow throughout the production process and to keep the end products as standard.

DECOBAND edgebands are being introduced to our clients by passing through inspections at each stage of production with its unique properties like excellent color match, standard thickness and finest surface quality

All the raw materials provided from the best suppliers are being inspected as soon as they enters to our facilities then goes through the production section. DECOBAND products are being quality controlled to eliminate expansion, contraction, breaks and defects.

Our edgebands are going through a precise printing process in order to achieve the unique match between our products and surfaces of particle boards, MDF boards and laminates. We are working very carefully to meet the highest quality requirements with our cutting edge technology equipment and industry's best inks and coatings brands with the highly experienced and skilled craftmanship.

UV coating process is being carried out right after we complete inspections to ensure being durable to even most harsh environments in terms of durability and long-lasting. With the application of UV coating technology, we achieve the most durable products that are resistant to every kind of cleansing agents and gains non-scratch properties and permanent design quality.